Allelys were contracted to transport two 268.51te super grid transformers from Ipswich docks to Bramford, Ipswich.


Equipment Used:

  • Mobile Crane
  • Franna Crane
  • Climbing Jacks
  • Girder Frame
  • Standard Flat Trailer
  • Ramp Trailer
  • Van
  • Mat
  • Stools


Services Provided:

  • Transportation
  • Installation
  • Route Study
  • Lift Study
  • Lift Plan
  • Lift Management
  • Structure Analysis
  • Bridge Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Consultation
  • Load Spreading
  • Overbridging
  • Skidding
  • Jacking
  • Lifting
  • Swept Path Analysis

Ipswich docks to Bramford

Due to the size and weight of the transformer units, crossing the Orwell Bridge was unsuitable, so a solution was engineered to use West Bank Terminal to discharge the units from a geared vessel onto our specialist transport.

Allelys used a 500te capacity Faktor 5 girder frame trailer with a 14 axle, extra width (3.8m) modular axle at each end to further distribute the weight and meet restrictions on the route. The overall transport length, including two MAN ballast tractors, was 77.5 meters and weighed a total of 550.56te.

The route from the West Bank Terminal provided another challenge as it meant crossing a structure over Ostrich Creek which had been downrated in capacity and no longer deemed suitable for abnormal loads. In order to cross this structure, the engineering department designed and engineered a 27.5m overbridge that met the strict restrictions imposed by Suffolk County Council.

Route enabling works and the overbridging operation took place 24 hours prior to the planned delivery date. The overbridging required the use of two 200te capacity mobile cranes to safely position load spreading mats and ramps each end before tandem lifting four 27.5m, 23te bridge sections into position.

The route

The transformers departed Ipswich Docks under police escort at 0900hrs on consecutive Sunday’s and turned left on to Wherstead Rd. After successfully crossing the Ostrich Creek overbridge, the transport made a right turn onto the A137 where an additional ballast tractor was fitted to the front giving the trailer configuration the extra power required to haul 550.56te up the steady incline towards the A14. The transport then joined the A14, using the wrong carriageway, under police rolling road block. After safely negotiating the A14, the transport used local Suffolk roads for the remainder of the delivery route with the majority of these requiring extensive works prior to the transformer delivery.

In order to safely deliver each transformer unit, a large support team was required pre, during and post delivery. Suffolk County Council provided extensive traffic management and route enabling works including street furniture removal & tree trimming/removal as well as liaising with the locals affected by these movements. Suffolk Police provided an escort of 8 officers and controlled local traffic allowing safe passage for the travelling convoy.

Once successfully delivered to site, the first super grid transformer was transhipped onto a 12 axle SPMT and shunted to skid way before being positioned using a hydraulic jack and skid system. The second super grid transformer was offloaded to the jack and skid system directly from the trailer.

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