Allelys have a fleet of SPMTs to provide specialist transport solutions for abnormal loads.

SPMT being used for precise heavy transport

SPMTs (Self Propelled Modular Trailers)

SPMTs are the industry leading method for heavy load transport. They are used primarily off the public highway and as the name suggests, self-propelled modular trailers do not use a traditional tractor unit, instead a hydraulic Power Pack Unit (PPU) provides power for lifting, driving and steering. Using wireless controlled axles and power packs provides a specialist transport solution that is flexible and increases manoeuvrability on site.

Available in 6 axle and 4 axle units, they can be operated independently or they can be hydraulically and electronically linked to be configured into any combination. This enables variable trailer lengths and multiple width configurations to be assembled dependent on the load dimensions and scope of work.

Ideal for intricate, precise site movements

The hydrostatic drive of self-propelled heavy duty modules guarantees smooth travel at infinitely variable speeds under even the most challenging conditions. In addition to hydrostatic drive, these vehicles are also fitted with electronic multiway steering.

SPMTs are the ideal choice for heavy lift port receiving and load-out operations, roll-on / roll-off barging operations and site moves with restricted space that requires intricate and precise movements.

Allelys use the latest Goldhofer software to back-up the in house engineering team when it comes to trailer design, technical specification and swept path route analysis.

Within the Allelys fleet, there are both Goldhofer SPMTs and Scheuerle SPMTs to give even greater flexibility within our engineered solutions.

SPMT being used for heavy transport
Heavy lift and specialist transport full service solutions

Key Features - Goldhofer SPMT

•160kN tractive force per axle line
• Electronic multiway steering +/- 135°
• Electronic synchronization with other self-propelled modules
• Combinations with other heavy-duty modules
• Wider than other SPMT for greater stability
• Rated to 40te per axle

Key Features - Scheuerle SPMT

• Hydraulically propelled giving superior traction
• Operated by remote control
• Electronically programmable steering; capable of manoeuvring 360°
• 36te payload per axle/ 40te per axle gross weight
• 700mm of vertical hydraulic suspension stroke
• Capable of picking up a load from stools using built in suspension
• Can be coupled to other modules in any configuration

Our fleet of SPMTs are part of our heavy lift and specialist transport fleet of equipment. Within this fleet we also operate modular trailers, girder frames, beam trailers and vessel beds, bespoke rolling stock trailers, wafer decks and semi-low loaders.

Heavy goods dirt road moval

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