Case Studies

Each and every project is unique. Our vast service offering and extensive equipment fleet enables us to work on some of the most exciting and challenging projects within the UK. Take a look at a selection of our case studies below.

Rolling stock transport

Two Class 158 Units

Removal and replacement of two Class 158 units in Barmouth.

Power industry transport

Tummel transformers

Delivery of two 131te transformers from Portugal to Tummel Bridge substation.

Heavy lift engineering

Iggesund paper mill

Transporting and lifting main power hall equipment and associated ancillaries.

Midlands crane hire

Swim spa lift and transport

The swim spa, weighing 1.5te, was transported from Swadlincote to Bournemouth.

Reels for the oil and gas sector

Ranging in weights from 70te to 350te and with a with a maximum diameter of 11.9m.

Aluminium die cast machines

7 installations of the largest aluminium die cast machines in the UK.

18 Specialist testing modules

Transportation of 18 specialist testing modules from Wolverhampton to Coventry.

290 Multiple unit vehicles

Transportation of 290 multiple unit vehicles from Spain and Newport to Liverpool.

Landing craft project

Allelys transport and offload the last World War II Landing Craft in the UK.

Ipswich docks to Bramford

Transportation of two 268.51te super grid transformers.

Moray East substation

Transportation of three 272te super grid transformers and two 77te shunt reactors.

3,000te Transfer press

Installation of a 3,000te transfer press complete with feeder and de-stacker.