Transportation of 18 specialist testing modules from Wolverhampton to Coventry

Industrial & Automotive

Equipment Used:

  • Lifting Gantry
  • Low Loader


Services Provided:

  • Transportation
  • Skidding
  • Jacking
  • Lifting

18 Specialist testing modules

Allelys were contracted to transport the modules from an existing engine plant, where they have been in stored, to a new electric car plant in Whitley.

Each module measured 13.2m in length and 5.6m in width. The heaviest module weighed 52te. The units had been stored in a confined space in the factory and were required to be manoeuvred through the factory prior to being loaded onto our trailers.

We used a hydraulic lifting gantry to complete the loading and utilised fully steering, 5 axle trailers to negotiate the route. Once arriving in Whitley, the modules were then offloaded at the factory.

To avoid project delays, each individual module was extracted from storage and delivered to site in the most efficient order.

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