Train road haulage

Transportation of 290 multiple unit vehicles from Spain and Newport to Liverpool


Equipment Used:

  • Rail Trailer
  • Tractor Unit


Services Provided:

  • Transportation
  • Route Study
  • Escort Vehicle

290 Multiple unit vehicles

Allelys were awarded the contract to transport 290 brand new diesel and electric multiple unit vehicles from Spain and Newport to Liverpool.

The Class 195 DMU and Class 331 EMU passenger train vehicles measured 24.00m x 2.70m x 3.90m and weighed 40te. Those built in Spain were shipped from Pasajes to Portbury on Mafi trailers and then received by Allelys at the dock.

The team transhipped the vehicles onto our specialist rolling stock trailers without the need of any lifting facilities. Due to constraints within the destination depot, it was essential that the deliveries arrived at specific times and in a specific orientation, therefore we transported to components to our facilities in Studley for a secure overnight stop before continuing the transport to Edge Hill the following day.

Utilising our expansive equipment fleet, knowledge and experience

The deliveries had to be of complete units and all within limited working hours, which was achievable due to our expansive and versatile fleet.

Another aspect of the contract was to transport incomplete bodyshells that arrived at Portbury to Newport. Due to the experience and knowledge within the team, we were able to assist the newly built facility in Newport by suggesting layout adjustments to ensure that the depot could utilise the variety of loading and unloading methods available.

Once the bodyshells were completed, the final element to the contract was to load them back onto Allelys trailers, transport them to Liverpool and offload them at the depot.

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