Pallet Haulage
Pallet Haulage

Pallet Haulage

Allelys have a dedicated fleet of vehicles ranging from 3.5te vans to 44te HGV’s to collect and deliver pallets within the UK and Europe.

Pallet haulage and services

A range of pallet haulage service options available

Whether it’s a single pallet or a multiple pallet consignment, customers have a range of service options from a next day am to 3 day delivery.

We’re part of Palletways, Europe’s largest pallet network, which gives our customers access to 400 depots in 20 countries. Palletways and Allelys pride ourselves on customer service, so we’ve enabled our consignments to be tracked at all times. We’re also able to provide proof of delivery by electronic signature captured in real time.

The full service from one point of contact

In addition, we also offer tailor made tariffs incorporating 6 pallet sizes with a choice of service levels so that we can provide complete flexibility to our customers.

Our pallet haulage service is further complimented by our warehousing, storage and general haulage service offering. Our customers are able to store goods within our facility and then request transport as and when required, all from one point of contact. For the customers that store a multiple pallet consignment, we can also pick and re-pallet prior to transport.

Pallet haulage, warehousing and storage

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We've been quite busy lately!

Ninfield Substation Transport

A first on UK roads!

Allelys have executed the UK’s first-ever double girder frame convoy.

Frodsham substation transport

Frodsham substation

Transportation and installation of a 113te reactor.

Girder Frame Transport

Components for Keith substation

Specialist transport of two 199te rotors and two 62te stators.

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