The Allelys engineering team are available to support customers within your sector and are specialists in heavy lift and specialist transport engineering. Whether you’re looking for engineering support as part of a full project scope or a standalone service, our team are here to assist.

Reactor installation

In-house engineering

All of our heavy lift projects are engineered in-house, by a team who work closely with our customers to develop bespoke solutions for the individual project requirements. We believe every challenge, no matter how big or small, is better tackled as a team. We enjoy projects that test us and the knowledge and experience within the team means we excel on even the most complex projects.

Our large equipment fleet enables us to offer the full factory to foundation service and our engineering capabilities are therefore a key component to the successful delivery of each project.

Allelys Front-End-Engineering-and-Design

Route reports and surveys

Our engineering team support projects by completing both desktop route reports and driven route surveys. Mapping is initially used to identify suitable routes for the abnormal load cargo. If required, a driven route survey is then completed to identify items of street furniture that may need to be removed and foliage that needs trimming to enable the heavy lift cargo to pass through. Challenging aspects of the route will also be photographed, the height of overhead lines will be measured along with measuring pinch points along the route.

Swept path analysis will then be completed for junctions or crossroads within the route that may be challenging for the abnormal load. Our engineers will simulate the heavy lift equipment travelling through these sections to ensure that the route is possible.

Engineering capabilities

  • Route reports, surveys and swept path analysis
  • Producing risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) for all operations.
  • Designing and engineering bespoke heavy transport solutions and arrangements.
  • Managing all elements of the abnormal load permits required for the project.
  • Designing and engineering overbridging solutions for structures along the route.
  • Designing fully engineered lift plans.
  • Specifying and supplying the lifting tackle.
  • Designing and fabricating lifting frames and lifting equipment.
  • Load testing and proof testing equipment.
  • Weighing exercises and mass calculations on large items.

Heavy Lift Route Survey

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Penrhyn Castle rolling stock

Removal and transportation of 1 carriage and 6 locomotives from Penrhyn Castle.

Aerial image of a generator being lifted into a warehouse via the ceiling by an Allelys heavy lift crane

Installation at Skelton Grange

Turbine and generator installed, through the roof of a turbine hall at a height of 22.3m.

Girder frame transport travelling through a narrow road surrounded by trees

Complex delivery to Rothienorman

352te generator and 158te transformer delivered to Rothienorman Substation.

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