Industrial & Automotive
Industrial & Automotive

Industrial & Automotive

Allelys store, transport, lift and install a multitude of industrial and automotive components every year.

Storage of Industrial & Automotive Components

Combined service offering

The breadth of our service offering is clearly demonstrated within the industrial and automotive sector and is a large part of the Allelys business.

Our 12 acre site provides both indoor and outdoor storage options and our employees are highly experienced and skilled in handling automotive industry components and products.

Large equipment fleet

The combination of our general haulage and heavy haulage equipment fleet provides a transport solution for finished products or tooling through to power presses, forging presses, rolling mills, die casting machines, injection moulders, overhead cranes, furnaces, machining centres or automation.

Our industrial plant services team are also available to help install or remove equipment utilising our fleet of cranes, hydraulic gantries, jacking system and skidding systems.

The combined service offering that Allelys provides enable us to offer the industrial and automotive industry solutions from storage, relocation of plant and machinery, finished product or components through to the installation of single items of plant or complete lines, processes or factories.

Warehousing of Industrial & Automotive Components

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We've been quite busy lately!

Penrhyn Castle rolling stock

Removal and transportation of 1 carriage and 6 locomotives from Penrhyn Castle.

Aerial image of a generator being lifted into a warehouse via the ceiling by an Allelys heavy lift crane

Installation at Skelton Grange

Turbine and generator installed, through the roof of a turbine hall at a height of 22.3m.

Girder frame transport travelling through a narrow road surrounded by trees

Complex delivery to Rothienorman

352te generator and 158te transformer delivered to Rothienorman Substation.

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