Agriculture & Horticulture
Agriculture & Horticulture

Agriculture & Horticulture

Offering a storage and transportation solution for machinery manufacturers and large-scale producers.

Storage & Transportation for the Agriculture Sector

Warehousing and storage

When the Allelys business was founded in 1959 the company specialised in the transport of livestock and since that day the agriculture and horticulture sector has remained an important part of the business. Although we’ve now diversified away from livestock, we offer a range of solutions to meet our customers needs within the agriculture sector.

Our warehouse facilities are centrally located within the UK, secure and offered under RHA warehousing conditions. Large-scale producers are able to turn to Allelys for the full handling service from a single pallet up to multiple pallet consignments.

General haulage

Farm machinery manufacturers and farmers have our diverse equipment fleet at their disposal for their transportation needs alongside a MOT testing facility for horse box’s and brake testing facilities for farm trailers if required.

The industrial plant services team are also on hand to provide solutions for greenhouse heating plants, such as boiler house and CHP power plant installations.

General Haulage for the Agriculture & Horticulture Sector

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Penrhyn Castle rolling stock

Removal and transportation of 1 carriage and 6 locomotives from Penrhyn Castle.

Aerial image of a generator being lifted into a warehouse via the ceiling by an Allelys heavy lift crane

Installation at Skelton Grange

Turbine and generator installed, through the roof of a turbine hall at a height of 22.3m.

Girder frame transport travelling through a narrow road surrounded by trees

Complex delivery to Rothienorman

352te generator and 158te transformer delivered to Rothienorman Substation.

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