Heavy Lift Skidding Systems
Heavy Lift Skidding Systems

Heavy Lift Skidding Systems

Allelys have a range of skidding equipment available to move heavy loads into position.

Heavy lift skid system

Specialist heavy lift skidding systems

Heavy lift skidding systems comprise of two main elements, skid beams, also commonly referred to as trackway, and skid shoes, also referred to as skates. A self-locking hydraulic propulsion system is then used to move the skates and the load along the trackway.

The systems are versatile and easy to position on site. The movement is hydraulically controlled enabling precision positioning. The trackway is often positioned on top of steel stools to achieve the desired height. Allelys also own and operate specialist components including cross-roads for changing direction and bridging pieces for crossing walls.

Systems and key features

Allelys heavy lift skidding systems include:
Low level hydraulic propelled systems – up to 100te capacity
Heavy duty hydraulic propelled systems – up to 800te capacity
Air cushion systems
Turn tables – 50te – 400te capacity

Allelys heavy lift skidding systems – key features:
Skid beams available in 2m, 3m, 4m and 6m lengths
Up to 70m of trackway available
Each skate is rated to 100te

Heavy lift skid system

Full service solution

Heavy lift skidding systems are used across a range of sectors including power, oil and gas, industrial and automotive, museums and heritage. They can be used in isolation to skid components from A to B, but are more commonly used in conjunction with other equipment within the Allelys fleet to provide the full factory to foundation solution.

For complex projects, customers turn to Allelys to provide the full engineering and project management scope of work throughout the job. Our warehouse and storage options, including bunded storage for transformers and reactors, provide the flexibility to store items prior to being required on site.

Allelys extensive transport fleet, including semi-low loaders, modular trailers, girder frames and SPMTs, are then able to transport units to site in preparation to be skidded into their final position.

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