Allelys complete record-breaking transport to Kilroot power station


Equipment Used:

  • Girder frame
  • SPMT
  • Tractor unit
  • Mobile crane
  • Lifting gantry
  • Mats
  • Stools
  • Van
  • Forklift
  • Standard flat trailer


Services Provided:

  • Transportation
  • Installation
  • Route study
  • Lift study
  • Lift Plan
  • Lift management
  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • Load spreading
  • Structure analysis
  • Swept path analysis

Two 317te turbines and two record breaking 370te generators

Allelys have successfully completed the transport of four units from Belfast Harbour to Kilroot Power Station in Northern Ireland. The four units comprised of two turbines weighing 317te each and two generators weighing 370te each, with the generators breaking the existing record for the heaviest loads to be transported on Northern Ireland’s road network.

Transport to Kilroot power station

The generators arrived into Belfast from the USA, whilst the turbines arrived from Europe. All four were offloaded via geared vessel onto Allelys trailers positioned in the harbour, transported to a temporary storage area and stooled off.

In preparation for transport, one turbine and one generator were then brought out of storage using SPMT’s and the girder frames built around the units. The Faktor 5 in 28 axle configuration for the generator and the Faktor 5.5 in 28 axle configuration for the turbine. The two units were then transported in convoy during a night move to Kilroot Power Station.

“This project demonstrates Allelys expertise in heavy lift and specialist transport,” commented Richard Beardmore, Senior Commercial Manager at Allelys. “The business has continued to invest in the latest equipment to be able to offer a full-service solution to the industry, leading projects such as this.”

Once at site, the generator was transhipped back onto SPMT, transported to the turbine hall, lifted with a four-point lift system, lowered onto foundation. The same process was then repeated with the turbine.

A full service solution

The team then travelled back to Belfast to load the remaining two units and repeat the transportation and installation phases.

“Not only was this the second double girder frame convoy of the year, it was also a record breaking project due to the weight of the cargo. It was great to see the interest from the public and local media that came out to witness the move throughout the night,” concluded Richard Beardmore.

Allelys provided a full-service solution for this project including engineering, route surveys, structural assessments of 20 structures, project management, transportation and installation.

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