Allelys transport 176te steam turbine generator to Port of Sutton Bridge


Equipment Used:

  • Tractor unit
  • Modular trailer
  • Mats
  • Stools
  • Mobile Crane
  • Standard flat trailer
  • Extendable flat trailer
  • Van
  • Forklift


Services Provided:

  • Transportation
  • Route study
  • Engineering
  • Project management
  • Lift study
  • Lift plan
  • Lift management
  • Consultation
  • Bridge analysis
  • Load spreading
  • Swept path analysis

Successful delivery of a steam turbine generator

Allelys have recently completed the successful delivery of a steam turbine generator to the Port of Sutton Bridge, Spalding. The unit weighed 176te and measured 14m long, 4.8m wide and 4.5m high.

Prior to the transport, Allelys completed route studies from Peterborough to Port of Sutton Bridge and identified a viable route. All pinch points along the route were identified, solutions were devised, and the relevant authorities were co-ordinated with.

Tailored transportation and heavy lifting services

The thorough planning ensured that any adjustments were completed and conditions were met along the route. Our in-house engineering team designed a transport solution using a specialist trailer in a 16 axle configuration.

The steam turbine generator was successfully loaded and securely lashed onto the modular trailer at a facility in Peterborough and completed the journey to Port of Sutton Bridge, Spalding. The final stage of the project utilised Allelys’ LG1550 to offload the steam turbine generator onto a coaster vessel, headed for Antwerp and then on to its final destination in Singapore.

Full service solution

“The 35 mile road journey took a total of 3.5 hours travel time and the entire journey was meticulously monitored by our transportation team to ensure safe and successful delivery,” explained Shahid Islam, Project Manager at Allelys.

“For this operation, our team undertook the complete full service solution, including engineering, route surveys, project management, transportation and lifting. I am proud to say that the team executed the lifting flawlessly within a critical allotted time frame, and above all, ensured the safety of our team and the project.”

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