Allelys depth of experience

Posted: 16th May 2023

Neil Jones discusses the depth of experience held within the Allelys team

Neil Jones, Senior Commercial Manager – Civils, joined the business at the beginning of 2023 and recently sat down to reflect on his first four months with Allelys.

“The first 4 months with Allelys have been both exciting and rewarding but also quite challenging. Not because of the usual stresses of starting a new job, after all I am working with a lot of familiar faces again, but because my task of refocusing our efforts within a specific market sector comes with a number of challenges.”

Allelys are bringing experience to the civils industry

Allelys have worked within the civils market for decades and have supported clients with everything from bridge installations and tunnel boring machine transport and installation, through to general haulage deliveries for HS2 and warehouse storage for construction components. However, the recent purchase of the Gottwald AK912 crane has expanded our service offering within the sector and my focus is to introduce this equipment, along with our expansive existing fleet, to clients who have not necessarily worked with Allelys in the past.

The first thing potential clients (and sometime existing contacts) see is a new logo, they hear a new company name and quite often the feedback is ‘your competitors are a lot more experienced than you’ or we don’t even get a response at all. This has led me to start thinking about what true experience is and my opinion is that a company’s experience is only as valid as its current workforce. We all know that people change jobs, especially in the construction arena, and when employees leave a business, they take their experience with them. How many times have we heard that when one generation retires it is easy to employ someone into the role but impossible to replace the experience.

Well one of the reasons I joined Allelys is that the level of experience in the team is vast, something I know for a fact as I had already worked with a lot of them in a previous role. The experience in our team comes from all tiers of our business. From the Director and Chief Operations Officer, the Head of Engineering and commercial team and from the operatives in the field.

I want to use all of this experience to help get a foothold in the bridge installation market and to help clients achieve their goals. I know what we can bring to the industry because we have done it before, because we have the passion and experience to succeed!

If you agree that employee experience is priceless and if you want a highly skilled team working alongside you then get in touch, contact me at and let me tell you more about the most experienced ‘newcomers’ to the sector.

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