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We believe any challenge, no matter how big or small, is better tackled as a team. We ALL have a part to play and that starts with getting to know each other better.

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Allelys has, over the years been adapting to the ever-changing needs of our customers and putting them first. We have changed many elements of our business to react in a swift and professional way to any challenge laid in front of us. We’ve changed in the right ways, not for changes sake. Employing the right people in the right places that continue to push the business forward, they have an ability to show empathy to our customers on their unique journey with us. Our frontline teams are quick to respond with the most creative and safest solutions to make sure your project runs on time and to budget. We’ve learnt that communication is key right from the start and should continue beyond the delivery of the project.

We continue to reshape our business to help our customers achieve the best possible outcome each and every time they work with us. As we move forward our philosophy remains the same, to put the customer in control and empowered for success. Take a look at our timeline below to see just how far we have come over the last 60 years.

From Allelys legendary
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The foundations of Allelys began in the early 1950’s when Maurice Allely started an agriculture contracting business. His drive and ambition to grow the company was evident when he went on to buy a livestock haulage business with his father, Hector Charles Allely, in 1959 from Arthur Hunt. Later that year the first load of farm machinery was transported to Cornwall and signified the beginning of who Allelys have become today.


The 1960’s saw changes from both a personal and professional point of view that would all have a significant impact on the future of the Allelys business. Peter, David and Robert were all born into the Allely family and became interested and involved in the family business from a young age. 1962 saw the arrival of the first new lorries, two Bedfords, and in 1969 the equipment fleet was strengthened further with the first low loader. There were also two business milestones with the company diversifying into muck shifting during the construction of Redditch New Town in 1967 and then completing the first continental haulage project for The Birmingham Federation of Flyers (Racing Pidgeon Club) to Nantes in 1968, with 3 full loads of racing pigeons!


The business grew significantly within the 1970’s. In the early stages of the yard development, new offices were constructed in 1970 and then an addition of a new warehouse in 1975. 1974 saw the livestock business sold to enable the company to concentrate on the general haulage. There were milestones to celebrate with the first transports behind the Iron Curtain in 1975 and then in 1977 the first heavy tractor unit and 50te low loader signalling the real start in Heavy Haulage and undertaking work for Marubeni Komatsu who had set up UK base in Redditch.


The focus of the 1980’s was to strategically invest to grow the business and in turn the equipment fleet. The first acquisition took place in 1983 with the purchase of Powells Tractors Martley and from this the Allelys heavy haulage division was born. 1986 saw the second acquisition in this period with the purchase of Febland International and the creation of Anglo Italian Transport, which later became Allelys International Tpt. Alongside the business growth, there were also a number of firsts for the equipment fleet with the first mobile crane being purchased in 1983, the first modular trailers were added to the fleet in 1984, the first purpose-built rail trailer was constructed in house (ATM plate) in 1985 and the first new 8 x 4 250te Ginaf Daf arrived in 1989.


As the business continued to grow, so did the investment in equipment. In the 1990’s Allelys added the first 400te gantry system into the fleet in 1991 to support the creation of Allelys Installation Ltd. It also welcomed the first girder trailer in 1992 as well as the first Goldhofer modular trailers in 1996.


During the 2000’s there was further investment in the depot with a new warehouse being constructed in 2003 and a brake test/inspection lane added to the workshop in the same year. The yard area was then doubled to 12 acres in 2006 with the purchase of the adjoining site and a 20,000 sq ft warehouse was built in 2007 with a 60te overhead crane. Two new girder frames were also added to the fleet in the 2000’s with a 200te trailer in 2007 and then a 350te trailer in 2009. Project milestones included the first 350te castings moved for Sheffield Forgemasters in 2006 and then in 2009 Allelys moved the Glasgow transport museum into the new Riverside building.


The milestones, investments and achievements accelerated further in the 2010’s. In terms of equipment, the first SPMT trailers were added to the fleet in 2010, a Factor 5 (500te) girder frame trailer was purchased in 2015 and then an additional Factor 5.5 girder frame trailer joined the fleet in 2019 to replace the older and heavier 350te frame trailer. Further investments were made in the depot to include a 20,000 sq ft warehouse in 2013 with a 38te overhead crane and another 20,000 sq ft warehouse in 2017 with a 50te overhead crane. Notable projects included a 500te blast furnace moved at Port Talbot in 2010, the first high level strand jack installation of a 170te steam turbine and generator at 12m high in 2012 and the UK’s heaviest girder trailer convoy moved from Dicot to Avonmouth, running a gross weight of 600te, in 2013. These achievements accumulated in winning the Operator Of The Year award at The Heavies in 2016 and the BE16/VR1 Job Of The Year award at the Heavies in 2017.



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